Why Must You Choose The Purest Form of Paleo Protein Powder

7 April 2022

Protein is an essential macronutrient found in our bodies. Proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids that help keep our bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin healthy. They carry oxygen to the body and make antibodies that fight off infections and illnesses.

As protein is essential for tissue and cell growth, it is vital to consume an ample amount of protein to meet the body’s needs. Not supplying your body with adequate protein can lead to many health issues like muscle loss, poor appetite, weakness, fatigue, etc.

  1. Why Protein Is The Major Component Of The Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet helps alleviate overall symptoms in autoimmune conditions and also helps fight off inflammation in the body. It also supports the healthy immune system by promoting the synthesis of antibodies that help repair the damaged cells. So to manage such conditions, protein has become a major component in the paleo diet. The Paleo diet encourages consuming more protein for multiple reasons such as maintaining healthy blood glucose levels, blood pressure, improving insulin resistance, and promoting the healing process.

  1. Why consume The Purest Form Of Protein Supplements on The AIP diet?

Paleo Perfection Pure is the purest form of collagen protein made from grass -fed bone and adhering meat. It has many surprising benefits as shown below.


Balances Blood Sugar

People with type 2 diabetes have higher blood sugar levels in their bodies. Protein tends to stabilize blood sugar levels by blunting the absorption of carbohydrates/sugars. According to a 2016 study it was found that a diet rich in protein intake can benefit a person suffering from type 2 diabetes. However, different sources of proteins have different risks and benefits you must be aware of before consuming them.

Cures Leaky Gut

One of the symptoms of an autoimmune condition is leaky gut, also known as increased intestinal permeability. It is a condition in which your intestinal gaps start to loosen and make it easier for substances like toxins, bacteria, and undigested food particles to pass into the bloodstream. Studies have associated leaky gut with several chronic and autoimmune conditions including celiac disease. Including protein along with your paleo diet will help manage it. Consume more lean proteins such as lean meats and fatty fish like salmon.

Apart from the above symptoms the proteins also help to manage celiac disease and reduce inflammation.

3. Top Reasons To Choose The Purest Form Of Paleo Protein

These are the top reasons to choose the purest form of paleo protein



This refers to how likely the protein is to cause an adverse reaction. The protein must be safe to use without causing any adverse reactions and allergies. It must have the safest ingredients and must be free from any allergens. AIP protein powder from Autoimmune Health & Nutrition is a great choice for anyone who is living the AIP diet and for those who are trying to keep themselves fit and healthy. It does not contain any kind of nasty ingredients like soy, gluten or dairy, or any other common allergen.


The quality of the protein refers to the protein source, manufacturing criteria, and how it is processed. There’s obviously a ton of junk out there but, if you are going to use a protein powder you must choose a high-quality product like Paleo Perfection Pure Protein that provides the cleanest form of protein.


Bioavailability refers to the absorption rate of protein powder. In general, plant proteins are much less bioavailable compared to animal proteins like beef.

Autoimmune Health & Nutritionhas developed a protein powder with several positive characteristics.

  • It is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and allergen-free and hasn’t had any sugar added. In other words, it’s the first true purest form of paleo protein powder.
  • It is made from grass-fed beef collagen which means it is derived from a healthier, higher-quality source. The grass-fed beef collagen is free from toxins like steroids and antibiotics.
  • It is derived from the tissues, cartilage, and bones of grass-fed cattle and is associated with several health benefits including arthritis relief, bone loss prevention, improved skin elasticity and provides all-around body health and recovery from injuries.

4. How Can You Receive These Benefits?

Apart from people suffering from autoimmune disorders, anyone can consume this paleo collagen powderintheir diet.As it promotes an ample amount of health benefits. You can savor it in a morning coffee, add to your energy drink, healing drink, or a child’s favorite smoothie. You and your entire family can benefit from this amazing paleo supplement. Order now!