About Us

How Did it All Start?

So how and when did we start? It all started a few days after a family reunion. I was sitting on the couch with my sister and we were discussing the various challenges associated with her autoimmune disease. She had learned that she could best manage her symptoms by carefully managing her diet. This, of course, lead into a discussion of some of the things she missed eating. One of those things was chocolate! Who wouldn’t miss chocolate?! She told me that she could still get her “fix” with chocolate substitutes and one of those was carob. I thought she said “carrot” so I was clearly skeptical as to how a carrot could taste like chocolate. Thankfully I have a patient sister and she helped me understand what carob actually is.

Our discussion continued and my sister told me that she would love to have a protein or other tasty foods that would adhere to her dietary needs. I have formulated health products for years and I determined I could give her what she was looking for. A week later I had requested the ingredients needed to start the formulating process for the first Autoimmune Chocolate (carob) Protein. A few months later and after several renditions we finally landed on a formula that meets her needs and tastes great! We are both pleased with the results and we hope you will be too! Give it a try and you’ll see what happens when family comes together!

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Our Mission

Our company started when a sister educated a brother and a brother helped a sister. We want to take the nutritional needs of families and help provide a tasty option for mothers, fathers, and children. We want strong and clear communication from YOU so we know how to better serve and help you achieve your health needs. We know that your achievement is your own but we want to do everything we can to promote you and your family as you exercise and eat!